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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Order An Intruder Part 39 Finished

About five minutes later, the poor girl realised that the arousal had built up so much from the effect of the vibrator inside her, that she would soon suffer anther embarrassment which would add to the present ones of being bound and gagged in a sexy costume in front of a hundred people.  She did her best to try to resist what was happening to her, but it was futile.

No! Please don’t! NOT IN FRONT OF ALL THSES PEOPLE! NOOOO! Davinia screamed as she experienced her first bondage orgasm in public, and she jerked in her bonds which only entertained the crowd. When it was over, the helpless captive hung her head in shame and closed her eyes. How long is this torture going to go on for? Even if I get ‘saved’, all it will do is lead to even worse trouble.

It was then that she heard four words whispered in her ear. “Is that you sweetie?”

Davinia opened her eyes and looked up at the concerned face of Danielle and relief swept through her as the girl nodded her head. OMG, it’s you. But what are you doing here? Wait, you said you were going to a special art exhibition, so it must be this one. I’ve never been so thankful to see you.

Danielle turned to the crowd and said “Sorry, but these girls need a break.” The woman took hold of the curtain and pulled it around the gazebo, concealing the captives from the public. “Now Davinia, I’m going to remove your gag and you are going to explain why you are bound and gagged in public.”

The harness gag was removed from the young lady’s head, and Davinia gave a quick rundown of what had happened, including the fateful Sunday when Serena had visited the website. When she had finished, Danielle looked angry and said “Open your mouth wide.”

Davinia did as she was told as she was worried about her stepmother’s reaction, the ball was inserted into her mouth and the harness was securely fastened onto her head. Why are you so angry?

“I have done this so that I can talk and you will listen. You two girls have done what must be one of the most idiotic things yet. You are very lucky that the site was real, but even that has led you to this situation. For all you know, the site could have been set up by a criminal organisation, and we could have been robbed. Worse still, they could have been slavers, violators or serial killers.” Danielle then went on to describe several horrendous fates that the girls could have experienced, and at the end they were ashen faced and trembling.

“I think that the both of you need to be taught a lesson about what you have done, so I am not freeing you.” Danielle said.

Please Danielle, you can’t just leave us like this.

“I am going to walk around the exhibition, and I am going to come back when I have finished looking at everything else. I will contact your father to let him know that you are with me, and that he does not need to go home. You will be taken from here when I decide that you have had enough.” The woman pulled the curtain back and walked off, exposing the two girls to the large crowd.

We could be here for hours like this, Danielle, please come back! Davinia tried to call out to her stepmother, but the action was useless. The two captives struggled, but they knew that escape was useless and that they would have to wait for their release from their public torment...

It seemed like an eternity when Danielle returned and Davinia had stopped counting how many orgasms she had endured, but the girls were surprised when she did not free them. You can’t keep us like this forever, please let us go.

Then a van reversed to the gazebo and Davinia noticed that there was a lift at the back for taking heavy objects into the vehicle. The back doors were opened, and a lady pushed two large wheeled chests onto the lift before lowering them to the ground. At this point Davinia started to protest and plead as she knew how they were going to be taken home. No, not in a chest again, please Danielle. The stepmother removed the ropes that bound the girls chests to their knees before untying one end of the ropes that bound their wrists to the gazebo. Serena was carried to a box, placed face down inside it, and her wrists were tied to her ankles with the length of rope, placing her in a tight hogtie. Then Davinia was placed on her front in the second box and her hands were bound to her feet, leaving her helpless and immobile.

The chest top was lowered and again the girl was only aware of the sense of movement. After an unknown amount of time it seemed as if someone was pushing her, and then the chest was opened so that the two women could lift her up and put her on the floor of the living room. As she looked around, Davinia noticed that Serena was to her left and still helplessly bound and gagged. How much longer are you going to keep us like this? My arms are losing all of their feeling.

After the delivery woman had left with the chests, Danielle stood in front of the girls and gave them an even more explicit description of all the things that could have happened to them, and at the end Serena was sobbing.

“I’m sorry about what I had to do to you two girls, but I have to make you understand just how much of a risk you took and how dangerous it was. I’m going to untie you Serena, and you can go home. Davinia will be staying tied up for a little longer as I have some research and phoning to do.” Danielle set to work untying the girl, and soon she was free and on her feet.

“What about Davinia? When will she be free?” Asked Serena.

“She will be freed in about an hour, and her punishment will be over.” Danielle answered. “Now, I think that it’s time for you to fetch your coat and leave.”

Serena walked out of the room as Danielle picked up the handset. “I will be upstairs, Davinia, and you need to stay down here as you really don’t want to hear what I will be saying.”

The woman reached down and switched off the vibrator inside her stepdaughter before she left the room. At least that’s no longer tormenting me, so I may be able to get a little rest. The captive tried to get into as comfortable a position as possible and rest.

Davinia was almost dozing off, when she was pulled back into full wakefulness by a shout, which was followed by what she could only assume to be expletives. Next, there was the dialling of a phone followed by silence. About thirty seconds later, the loud voice started up again, and the girl was surprised at just how aggressive her stepmother was. You’ve never spoken to me like this, and even today you have been fairly measured. I hope that I never get you angry enough to treat me like that.

Again, it seemed that there was swearing in the conversation, and it seemed as if threats were being made as the phrase ‘custodial sentence’ was clearly audible. Are you going to bring the police into it, Danielle? That may not be a good idea as this won’t remain private anymore.

The telephone conversation carried on for about twenty minutes before ending, but the woman did not come back downstairs for another half-hour. When Danielle finally appeared in the living room, she started to untie her stepdaughter but she left the gag until last. Davinia was relieved to finally be free after over two days of captivity.

“Are you okay now, Danielle?” Asked the girl.

“Yes, Sweetie, I just stayed upstairs because I was so angry, and I was worried what I might do if I came downstairs immediately.  We have some things to discuss about what happened, but one thing is for sure. When Patricia contacted the organisation on Sunday morning, she was instructed that unless she obtained the full cooperation of both captives, she was to abort the whole scenario. It’s obvious that she lied so that she could torment you and the others.”

Danielle gently hugged her stepdaughter. “I hope you understand why I was so rough on you today, sweetie, your father and I could have lost you.”

“I’m sorry Danielle, I should have known better.” the girl hugged back. “Did you discuss anything else?”

“I mentioned that what has happened is tantamount to kidnapping and assault, and that the executives of the organisation could end up with criminal convictions over this. Apparently they don’t want to stare at four gray walls, so they are offering compensation.” Danielle said.

“What kind of compensation? I don’t think that money is going to be enough after discovering just how dishonest Patricia has been.” Davinia said.

“I mentioned that to them, and that’s why we are going to telephone them in an hour to discuss the terms of the agreement. So, let’s sit down and you can tell me all about your weekend ordeal.”

There was a lot to discuss and explain, but most of the details were covered. The telephone call to the company took some time, but eventually everything was sorted out, including compensation...

It was a week later when a letter was posted through the front door, which said that Davinia had won first prize in a competition which involved a stay at the LeCrans Hotel and Spa from Friday night to Monday morning. The prize was for two people in two adjoining rooms and the prize winners would be chauffer driven there and back. The girl showed it to her father who said that it would be best if Danielle accompanied her on this trip as he would just get in the way, and a spa wasn’t really his idea of fun.

I don’t think that we will be spending much time at the facilities, as there will be much more interesting entertainment in store for us. Davinia smiled as she looked at her stepmother who winked as she knew what it was really about.

“I’ll contact them today and arrange for us to go this Friday. It will be good for your father to have a weekend for himself with no women to get in the way.” Danielle made the telephone call and sorted out the arrangements.

The week moved along to Friday and the journey to the hotel was uneventful, but the ladies talked about what they were expecting for the weekend. When they arrived though, they took full advantage of what the spa had to offer, but the ladies avoided anything strenuous as they would be very busy for the next few days. At around eleven o’clock, Danielle decided that it was time for them to go to bed as so that they would be refreshed for the morning.

The two ladies stood outside Danielle’s room as the older lady said “You may not need the rest, sweetie, but I certainly do. Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day for me, and I hope that you will be well behaved. That is except for the fun that you are going to have. Anyway, sleep well and sweet dreams.” Danielle hugged her stepdaughter and entered her room.

Davinia made her way to her own luxurious room, undressed herself, rested in bed and thought about the next morning until she fell asleep.

She was woken by a knocking sound, so she put on her white dressing gown and opened the door. It was room service and they were ready to bring in her breakfast. “Take it to next door, as I’ll be eating with my stepmother.” Davinia said. She closed the door and made her way to the adjoining partition before knocking soundly.

“Come on in, sweetie.” Danielle said. Davinia entered and discovered that her stepmother was also wearing a white dressing gown. The two women sat down at a table and ate their breakfast slowly, looking at the clock to see how time passed.

The meal was eventually finished and room service was called to clear the table. Danielle looked at the time and saw that it was eight o’clock. “I think that it’s time for you to shower and get dressed sweetie, as you need to be ready for nine.”

“You need to get ready too, Danielle. What outfit will you be wearing for this weekend’s fun?” Asked the younger girl as she rose from the table and made her way to the partition.

“You’ll see in half an hour, I don’t want to show you until then.” Danielle said. The girl went through the partition and closed it behind her as she walked into the bathroom. After a brief shower, Davinia dried herself off, went to her case, and took out her dominatrix costume, which was put on slowly as she attempted to compose herself. When she was finished, Davinia waited until half-past so that she could see what her stepmother would be wearing. When the time was up, she went over to the partition and knocked again.

“Come in sweetie, I’m ready.” Davinia pulled the partition to one side and gasped. Her stepmother was dressed as a British police officer, even to the point of having a sensible skirt which went down to the knees.

“Wow Danielle, you look very sexy in that outfit. It almost makes me wish that I would be with you today, rather than what is planned.”

“Maybe, on another weekend, but this is for me, and I want to make the most of it.” Danielle chatted with her stepdaughter until the clock reached nine, and there was a knock on the door.

“Trans Europ Express. It’s a delivery for a lady called Danielle.” A woman’s voice said.

“That’s my cue. Go back to your own room, and when there is a knock on the partition, you may come back in.” Davinia again returned to her room and closed the door to Danielle. She placed her ear against it to discover if she can hear anything.

There seemed to be normal talking, but then there was an exclamation followed by “What are you doing!” This was followed by a “HELP! HELF!-” After that there were just muffled sounds.

Davinia was pulled away from the partition as there was a knock on her own door, and she walked over and opened it. There was a woman dressed in a ‘Trans Europ Express’ uniform.

“I have five chests to deliver to this address, and I need your name to check that this is the right place. The lady said.

“My name is Davinia, and I have been expecting you. I’m the special arrangement delivery.”

“Yes, it seems that the entire organisation has been talking about you.” The woman took hold of a wheeled chest and took it into the hotel room, and then left. “I need to bring in four more chests, is it okay if the door is left open?” She asked.

“Certainly, I’m not going anywhere at the moment.” Davinia answered. The lady left and returned with another chest after a minute. This was repeated three more times, but the last chest was different. It seemed to move a little, and there were muffled sounds coming from within.

“There we are, your special delivery is complete. I hope that you enjoy it, and we will pick it back up on Monday morning.” The delivery woman left the room and closed the door behind her.

This is going to be a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to get started.

There was a knock at the partition and a familiar voice said “You can come in now.” Davinia made her way into the adjoining room and she again gasped. Eva Green was in the room, dressed as a cat burglar in a black pvc cat suit complete with ears, but the real site was on the floor.

Danielle was hogtied, blindfolded and gagged, and completely helpless!

“I think that your stepmother is enjoying herself thoroughly as a kidnapped police woman.” Eva said. Danielle’s arms were in a reverse prayer position, and her hands bound at the wrists and elbows with white rope, which was also wrapped around her upper body above and below the breasts. Her legs were tied at the ankles, knees and mid-thigh, and another rope led from her ankles to her hands, holding her feet in position at her bottom.

A scarf was tied around her eyes, and another was covering her mouth which seemed to be bulging with something.

“Danielle is quite an impressive site in bondage, Eve. I hope that she’ll be okay.” Davinia said, staring at her stepmother’s captivity.

“She will be, Davinia. I have already arranged safe-signals as per the new rules, and she did give the new activation word to start the scenario. You should go back to you own room and begin the fun. I will be popping in from time to time to check that everything is okay.”

The girl made her way back to her room, closed the way behind her and picked up her riding crop from the case. Next, she undid all of the latches on the large chest, before she removed the lid and lowered the sides to reveal a very naked, very helpless and very terrified woman. She was bound in chains and padlocks at the wrists, elbows, ankles knees and thighs, and there was a chain and padlock that bound her wrists to her ankles. She was crying and whimpering, although a cloth hood prevented Davinia from seeing her face.

The dominatrix raised her riding crop and struck the captive on the bottom, which elicited a loud scream from the helpless lady. Five more blows followed, which were accompanied by five more screams. I think that it’s time to reveal myself. She walked around to the front and pulled the cloth hood off the victim.

Lying on the floor, begging and pleading with a ring-gag lodge in her mouth, was Patricia Heaton. “They told me that you would be kidnapped In the middle of the night, bound in chains and delivered here. I’m glad to see that they have kept their word.”

Davinia delivered six more strikes with the crop to Patricia’s bottom and the woman screamed six times. “I suppose I should thank you in a way for what you did to me that weekend, as I can put it to very good use now.”

The woman struggled against her bonds and screamed for help. “That’s no good as the walls are soundproofed, and if you don’t try and keep quiet, I can arrange for your vocal cords to be suppressed for the next two days.”

“Now my slutty slave, it’s time for us to have some fun.” Davinia watched as her slave again tried to escape from her chains.

This is going to be the sweetest weekend ever, as I will enjoy making you suffer…


Friday, 15 February 2013

Order An Intruder Part 38

“MMMMMGGMMM!” Davinia screamed again as she was rudely awakened by the forceful ticking of her feet, which was followed by cries and giggles from her friend as her soles were assaulted too. I suppose that it is as good a way as any to wake us up, and we are still supposed to be captives. The girl opened her eyes and saw that the sun had risen, so the time must be about six o’clock and when she looked at Eva she could see that the woman was in the nude.

“Good morning girls, I hope that the wakeup call was okay. First you are to have your bedroom break, followed by a nice shower, and then I will dress you and take you down for breakfast.” Eva untied the ropes that bound the two girls together before untying the girl’s legs at the ankles, knees and thighs.

“Stand up and walk to the toilet please, I need to ensure that you are ready for the day.” The two girls rose off the bed and slowly made their way to the toilet, with Serena going in first and Davinia waiting outside.

It almost seems as if we are winding down as the adventure of the last two days is coming to an end. It has been an incredible time, and I think that both of us have learnt some new ideas. Serena left the toilet, Davinia walked in and was taken care of by Eva. This only took a few minutes and the girl walked out, followed by her captor who rolled down and removed the fishnet stocking from the two girls.

“Follow me into the shower, so that I can get you nice and clean for the end of the session.” Eva walked into the shower with the two girls behind her and then ran the water. All three squealed as the cold water hit them, but it soon became warm with Eva smoothing the water over the captive’s bodies, until they were soaked all over and then she stopped the flow of water.

That feels very good, and you haven’t even started with the gel yet. Davinia watched as Eva picked up the bottle of gel and liberally spread the substance over Serena’s body. The girl was already becoming highly aroused as the material was smoothed over her by the woman and Eva was especially concentrating on her most intimate areas. Then the woman stood behind Serena before taking the girl’s breasts in her hands and caressing her.

The girl moaned and writhed under the touch of the woman as her arousal grew ever stronger from the strokes and touches. She squealed as Eva’s right hand glided over her mound and Davinia was becoming more aroused as she watched the woman making love to her friend.

Serena thrust her hips forward as if she was trying to make love to Eva’s hand and her moaning showed that she was close to the fulfilment of her desire. The woman caressed the girl’s flower deeply with her right hand while stroking her breasts with her left and it wasn’t long before Serena screamed as she was consumed by orgasm.

Eva then released the girl from her grasp and poured the gel over Davinia, who was already moaning as a result of her arousal. This is going to be great! The girl sighed with pleasure as the material was massaged into the skin. Like Serena, her body was caressed until she finally exploded in bliss, and she leant against the woman who held her.

The water was switched on again and Eva washed the gel off the girl’s bodies before stopping the shower and drying them off. “Walk into the bedroom and sit down. I will bring your clothes in and dress you in a minute. The captives made their way back to the master bedroom with Serena sitting on Davinia’s right. Eva re entered the room carrying two lots of clothes plus a bag, and started to put Serena’s stockings, panties, shoes and skirt on, before tying the girl at the ankles, below and above the knees, and at the mid-thigh. Then Davinia was dressed in her lower garments before her legs were bound in the same manner as her friend’s.

“Stand up and face the bed, and do not try to resist when I untie your arms.” The two girls followed the orders of the woman and soon they were standing with their backs to her.  Davinia looked to her left and saw that Serena’s elbow and wrist ropes had been removed from her arms. Her bra was placed back on, which was followed by the blouse and she sighed a little as it was buttoned up before being tucked into the skirt.

The woman picked up two lengths of rope and Serena’s elbows and wrists were securely bound once again. A very long piece of cord was wrapped around her chest, above and below her breasts which pinned her upper arms to her body. A shorter length was use to wrap around her hips and wrists which held her hands against her bottom.

It must be my turn now. It’s back to being the helpless Dominatrix. Davinia felt the unwinding of the rope from her arms before her bra was put back on her. I haven’t worn that since Saturday. She was dressed in her bra and blouse, with her opera gloves rolled up her arms last, and her captor pulled her elbows together after all of her clothing was on. There was the familiar sensation of the wrapping of cord around her arms, just below the elbows and after it was knotted off, her wrists were bound as well. Just like Serena, her arms were bound to her body which meant that her hands were pressing against her bottom.

“You can go downstairs to the kitchen, girls, and I’ll follow you on a minute as I have to tidy up the room and get dressed.” The captives hopped out of the room to the top of the stairs and as they sat down and scooted downstairs on their bottoms, they noticed that all of the items had been removed.

Eva must have been up very early to clear all of this away, unless she had some help. The kitchen had also been cleared except for two glasses of water and a large bowl of cereal and the two girls waited patiently for Eva to make an appearance.

After a few minutes, the woman entered the kitchen dressed in her delivery uniform. So that’s why you had to let us go first. The woman pulled out two chairs and the helplessly bound girls sat down.

I am going to remove your gags, but there is no speaking unless spoken to. Is that clear?” Both girls nodded their heads, Eva removed their gags and the three ladies had breakfast. As Eva was washing up the breakfast items and putting them away she asked “Do you have someone to find you once we’ve gone? I have to ask this because I know that you didn’t expect us to actually turn up.”

Davinia remembered that her father and stepmother would turn up at twelve, but that was only to drop Danielle off and he would go straight to work. “My stepmother will turn up at midday so she can free us, and she has placed me in bondage more than enough times, so she might even leave us tied up.”

“That’s good to hear, Davinia, I don’t want you to end up in real trouble when you are found.” Eva sat down on Serena’s lap, embraced the girl, and then kissed her passionately for several minutes before pulling back. “I have to make the most of our last kiss, as I don’t know if we’ll meet again.” Eva picked up Serena’s gag and firmly strapped the device onto her head, muting the helpless captive.

The woman sat with her legs astride Davinia before putting her arms around the girl and kissing her. The young lady parted her lips, felt the touch of Eva’s tongue on hers, and they remained intertwines for a few minutes. “It’s time to gag you Davinia, so if you would be so kind as to open your mouth wide.” The girl did as she was commanded, and a moment later she was as securely gagged as her friend.

“Hop into the living room and lie face down on the floor. I will be with you in a minute.” The two girls hopped again, made their way to the living room, carefully sat down and then lay on the floor. Eva walked in with two pieces of rope and each girl was hogtied so tightly, their heels pressed into their bottoms.

“That’s good, all nice and ready to be rescued.” Eva said, sitting down on the sofa.

It was then that Patricia walked in, and she was also in a delivery uniform. “Everything is loaded up and we only have to wait until the time is finished.” She said, looking at the two girls.

The two captives lay on the floor as time passed. Then the telephone rang.

It continued ringing for a few seconds and then the answer phone started. It was Danielle! “Hello Davinia, if you can’t answer the phone, it probably means that your’e a bit tied up at the moment.”

More than a bit, I would think.

“Anyway, there’s been a change of plans. There is a special art exhibition and your father is returning home early to drop me off. Then he will come around to the house at twelve o’clock to make sure that you are all right. Please make sure that you are ready for him. Love you, sweetie.” Then the phone hung up.

Father’s coming here? He’ll find us bound and gagged on the floor, and it’ll be a disaster. The two girls struggled wildly in her bonds and Davinia pleaded for help.

“My, you do seem to be in a bit of a pickle Davinia, if your father is going to discover you in bondage.” Patricia said. “I don’t that would be good. Just setting you free without a forfeit would not be right either. Eva, am I right in thinking that there is a special erotic show planned for today in the nearby town?”

“Yes, and one of the groups have cancelled.” Eva answered.

“In that case, why don’t we contact the orgasnisers and tell them that there is a new act for one of the places. Two helpless girls in bondage, struggling against their fate.”

Davinia looked worried at this.

“Don’t worry, Davinia.” said Patricia. “You will only have to be there for two hours, 9am to 11am, and we will arrange for someone to free you and take you home in plenty of time. Is that okay?”

Both of the girls nodded.

“Eve, why don’t you contact the people in charge and I’ll put the girls in the back of the van.” Patricia said “We have two wheeled chests that are perfect for this.”

“Okay Patricia, but be careful, I don’t want them hurt.”

I’ve learnt my lesson after last night, I don’t want to be in trouble again.”

It looks as if we are going to be taken somewhere, and I don’t know where. Eva picked up her phone and left the living room along with Patricia. A minute later, Patricia entered the room with a large wheeled chest that was big enough to hold a person and Davinia looked on as Serena was picked up and lowered inside the chest. Then the container was wheeled out and a minute later the woman appeared with another box into which Davinia was put. After the lid was put down, the girl had no sense of time or anything else, except for when she was moved about.

Eventually, the lid was opened and the girl was taken out. She noticed that she was in a white curtained gazebo, which seemed to have a very strong frame. Serena was taken out next and the hogties of both girls were removed.

“Thank you for arranging the rescue and the taxi to get the girls home, Patricia. I was quite busy on the phone with the organisers.” Eva said as she raised both girls into a standing position, side by side, and tied one end of the ropes to their wrists. The ropes were looped over one of the horizontal gazebo bars, taken back down and the other ends were tied to the girl’s wrists which prevented them from moving. Their bodies were bent over into a ninety degree angle and a cord was tied to their chest and ankle bonds which prevented them from straightening up.

Patricia looked at her watch. “It’s nearly nine o’clock Eve, do you want to make you way to the van? I’ll pull the curtains open when the show starts.”

“Thanks Patricia.” Said Eva as she left the tent.

Patricia went around to Davinia’s back and the girl yelped as her panties were pulled down and a vibrator was placed inside her intimacy. After a few seconds, there was a cry from Serena which meant that the same must have happened to her as well. Davinia’s panties were pulled up and Patricia walked around to the front of the two girls.

“There is no rescue and taxi arranged, I lied to Eve.”

The two girls shook as the news sank in.

“What will happen is that you are going to stay here until someone comes to rescue you and that won’t be for some time. Your father will arrive home and find you missing, and I guess that he will call the police. I’m sure that the resulting scandal will be extremely damaging to your family and Serena’s. Now, it’s time to get the show on the road.”

Patricia switched on the vibrators that were inside the girls and pulled back the curtains of the gazebo, exposing the humiliated captives to a crowd of people. “Have fun girls, goodbye.” Patricia waved in a mocking manner at the two captives as she walked away.

She’s abandoned us in bondage and humiliation! There is no hope and my father will never forgive me! Davinia started to sob and she felt as if her despair couldn’t be any greater...

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Order An Intruder Part 37

“Tails! So that means that you get to turn Patricia on, Serena. Hop over to her carefully, I don’t want to see you fall.” Serena cautiously rose to her feet and made little tentative hops towards the bound woman, who was struggling and squealing as her fate approached. “You should have thought of this before you decided to take things over the edge and played with all three of us, so it’s too late now.”

Serena reached the helpless captive and moved over to her right before carefully bending her legs at the hips and knees to lower herself in position. Then she reached out and there was an audible click which was immediately followed by a buzzing sound, indicating that the Wand was turned on and Patricia moaned as the vibrations immediately started to affect her. “Yes dear, I set the device at maximum so that you can have a lot of ‘fun’ while you are tied to the frame. I think that you can come back Serena, because I want to ensure that Patricia enjoys her first climax before we add any extra fun to her.”

The girl slowly hopped back to the couch and sat down, while the woman jerked on the strappado rope that held her in place as she made her futile attempts to break free of her bondage. “I’ve tied your ropes well, so there is no chance of escape for you.” As they watched, the moaning became louder which turned into squeals and her struggles grew more and more frenetic as she approached her release.

Then, a long scream was emitted from Patricia’s mouth and the struggles were replaced by her convulsing in the ropes as the bliss washed over her. “We’ll wait until Patricia recovers before we add part two to the mix. But when she starts to moan again, that’s when you two are going to add something extra to her.”

This is the most unusual bondage session that I have ever been involved in, as both Serena and are both bound and gagged, yet we will be the ones who will be torturing Patricia. The two girls and Eva waited patiently until the bound prisoner started to writhe and moan which indicated that the next stage in her punishment was ready.

“Now girls, it’s time for you two to get into position. Serena, you will get into the same position that you were before, on Patricia’s right. Davinia, you will take up a similar position, but on the woman’s left.”

The bound girls slowly and steadily hopped across the rooms and into their position on either side of the struggling woman, who begged and pleaded for mercy. After our recent ordeal at your hands, you must be joking if you expect us to relent.

Eva picked up the bag, walked over to where Patricia was moaning and struggling helplessly in her ropes, and pulled out what seemed to be a chain. The captive screamed as she saw the clover clamps at each end of the chain.

“Yes my pathetic Pat, these are for your nice nipples and the girls are going to put them on.” The woman held one end by Patricia’s body on her left. “Take hold of this one, Davinia, and Serena will use the other clamp.” Davinia held the clamp in her right hand as Eva took the chain under Patricia’s body before offering the other end to Serena who grasped it firmly.

Patricia shook her head and begged through her gag as Eva took a step back and smiled. “Davinia, seeing as Serena switched on the wand, you can have the honour of putting the first clamp on Patricia. When it is secure, tug on it a few times to make sure that it won’t fall off.”

Davinia bent her legs at the knees, pressed on the middle of the clamp so that the ends parted and carefully placed the ends over Patricia’s left nipple as the woman tried uselessly to pull herself free. The girl loosened her grip and the woman screamed as the clamp bit harshly into her breast, which was followed by two more as Davinia tugged twice on the chain to ensure that the device would not come loose.

Serena then placed her item over Patricia’s right nipple and the lady cried out again as the pain radiated out into her body. Next, there were two pulls on the chain which were accompanied by more screams and the girl released the chain. It wasn’t long before the tormented woman closed her eyes and was moaning as the wand continued to take her to orgasm.

Eva took something out of the bag and placed it in Serena’s hand before whispering in her ear. “Put this on when I say to.” She moved around to Davinia, handed her an item and whispered the same instruction.

As Patricia became ever more aroused, she struggled involuntarily as she thrust her body to obtain more feeling from the wand. It was then that Eva said “Now!” Patricia opened her eyes in fear and shouted through her gag as she saw that each girl held a large padlock which they attached to the chain. The woman screamed as the girls let go of the padlocks and the new weight pulled on her nipples.

“Come and sit back down girls, so that we can watch the entertainment.” Eva said as she walked back to the sofa and sat down herself. The two girl hopped slowly back to the couch and sat down so that they could take in Patricia’s punishment.

The woman’s hips were twitching as the wand worked its magic on her intimacy and each movement caused the padlocks to sway which inflicted further distress to the captive, who winced and grunted at each little pull. This did nothing to stop her from moving, however, as her body moved closer to her forced peak of joy.

Then she cried out as the orgasm caused her body to shake, and she squealed as her convulsions caused the clamps to jerk against her nipples, tormenting the lady in her moment of ecstasy. After a minute, Patricia hung there in her bonds and she whimpered slightly as the padlocks were still swaying and tugging at her breasts.

“That was a nice sight to see girls, but let’s try and warm her bottom up during the next act. Please stand on either side of Patricia, but this time you need to be behind her.” Again the girls hopped over to the captive, with Serena on the right and Davinia on the left while Eva left the room. Thirty seconds later, the woman walked back in and Patricia shrieked as she saw that Eva was carrying two bamboo canes. One was placed in Serena’s hands and the other was given to Davinia.

Eva sat back down on the couch and smiled at Patricia. “I don’t think that you need to be told what to do with those, so carry on and enjoy yourselves.”

Davinia held the cane in her hands and tried to sweep her arms to the left, but she found out that she was unable to move her limbs in the usual manner as her wrists and elbows were securely bound. She watched as Serena made an attempt to cane the tormented woman, but that proved to be equally futile. This isn’t going to be easy, as we cannot move normally. I might be able to get enough speed if I rotate my body at the waist, as that will provide more energy into the blow.

The girl turned her upper body to the right, lowered her hands so that the cane was at the same height as the woman’s bottom and rotated to the left as quickly as she could. Patricia jumped and then screamed, but this was due to the shock of the blow, rather than because of any inflicted pain and the cry was due to the weighted clamps tugging against her nipples as she moved.

That was a little better, but I don’t think that it was painful. Normally, when someone is using a crop, they flick their wrists so that they can control how much pain they inflict. Perhaps I should do this as well, and take a step back so that only the tip lands on Patricia’s bottom. The young lady shuffled back until she was at the right point, turned to the right as much as she could and on the return, flicked the cane with her wrist as much as she possibly could.

“EEEPH!” Patricia screamed loudly as the tip on the cane bit into her right cheek, which was followed by another cry as her involuntary movement caused the chain to jerk and pull at her breasts. Serena had been watching Davinia’s actions and was able to land a stinging blow on the captive’s left cheek.

“You’ve got it girls, carry on with the punishment.” Eva said as she smiled at the torture of her partner. Blow after blow was landed, with the two girls taking it in turns to strike Patricia’s bottom and she was screaming and writhing from the actions of her tormentors.

After what you have forced us to go through, it is so good to see you on the receiving end, Patricia. Maybe if you hadn’t been so cruel, this wouldn’t be happening to you. Davinia smiled under her gag as she delivered more blows to the captive who’s bottom was turning a bright shade of red.

Patricia was again getting close to the point of release, but the tormentors continued with caning her bottom as they waited for Eva to tell them to stop. As Davinia looked over to Eva she just said:

“Carry on.”

Patricia stared at Eva and pleaded for mercy, but the other woman said nothing. I think that she wants Patricia to really suffer this time. The writhing and jerking movements of the woman indicated that she was right on the edge, but  the blows to her bottom continued unabated.

“MMMMMMMMM!” Patricia convulsed after her scream and jerked on her strappado rope as she experience yet another orgasm, with the clamps and canes inflicting more pain on her as she was at the height of ecstasy.

“You can stop girls, I think that her bottom has had enough punishment for now. Just sit down and watch the puppet on a string.” The two girls made their way back to the couch and sat down, as the helpless woman was already writhing as the wand increased her arousal.

Eva left the room and returned with the two strap-on devices that were used on Davinia when she was under the frame. “You will get to wear one first, Davinia, and Serena will use the other one. When you are ready, I want you to go behind Patricia and wait until she finishes her orgasm. Then you can take her in revenge for earlier, when you had to endure these within you. So, if you would like to stand up, I can get you properly prepared.”

Davinia stood up and kept still as Eva strapped the faux phallus onto her mound. I am going to have so much fun with you, Patricia, and you are going to wish that you hadn’t made me suffer with one of these at each end of my body.

The two ladies sat back down as the woman struggled and cried out under the frame, and after a while she was again in the throes of pleasure and pain. “You can go behind her, Davinia. Just wait until she finishes before you plunge yourself into her.” The girl hopped along and she was quite a site as the phallus went up and down, and she was soon behind the woman, ready to provide more humiliation.

Soon, Patricia had completed her orgasm and whimpered when she noticed that the girl was behind her, knowing what was going to happen next. Davinia placed the tip of the phallus against the woman’s flower in preparation for taking her when a thought struck her. Why should I do it this way? After all, you humiliated me by having one of these in my intimacy and one in my mouth. Placing this in your flower would seem to be kindness by comparison, so I will take you in a different way.

The girl slowly moved the end of the shaft slowly up from Patricia’s flower, and up until it reached ‘the other place’ where she stopped. The woman shook her head wildly as Davinia reached down and pulled the helpless captive’s cheeks apart as best she could with her bound hands.

Patricia screamed long and loud as her bottom was harshly violated by the vengeful girl. “Oh Davinia, that is so naughty of you, but I shouldn’t be surprised after what she has done to you.”

Davinia slowly slid in and out of Patricia’s bottom as the latter continued her futile struggles which just caused her further distress. It feels so good to be able to impale you with this, but I think that I will only be allowed to continue until you climax. If that is the case, then I shouldn’t be so gently with you.

The girl started to thrust herself roughly into Patricia in order to cause her as much discomfort as possible, and the woman shrieked at each new violation of her body. Davinia noticed that the other strap-on was being attached to Serena, so she knew that she must make the most of this. Again and again she pushed the shaft deep into Patricia’s bottom, causing the woman a double discomfort as her body jerked uncontrollably which caused the clamps to torment her nipples. Your bottom will be doubly sore after this, and I hope that it teaches you a lesson about doing this to others.

The woman’s cries and whimpers were without pause from the humiliation and pain inflicted upon her by the girl who was taking great pleasure in her actions, and it seemed as if she was about to burst into tears. The thrusts did not stop and Patricia screamed again as the mixture of pain and pleasure brought about her next orgasm.

“It’s time to withdraw now, Davinia, as it’s going to be Serena’s turn next.” The girl regretfully pulled the phallus out of the woman, wondering what she was going to do next. “Serena will take your place behind Patricia and you can go over to Patricia’s head and take hold of the bulb.”

This is going to be great! I can torture you with that gag, which will be very sweet after I suffered from having to wear it. Davinia made her way over to the captive’s head while Serena went around to Patricia’s back.

The woman shrieked out as Serena pushed forward which indicated that she had been penetrated again, and she whimpered as the other girl pumped up the gag to nearly maximum. As Serena continued to thrust into the women, the inflated gag made it almost impossible for the captive to scream. Davinia released some air from the gag so that she could hear the cries and suffering from the helpless lady.

Time after time, Davinia pumped up the gag to maximum and watched as the woman before her found it impossible to scream or even breathe, and the violent struggles must have caused great pain as the weights, chain and clamps played their part in the torment.

The gag was deflated again and Patricia’s cries indicated that she was close to climaxing again, and when she was right on the edge, Davinia inflated the gag to maximum. The woman couldn’t have the benefit of screaming as her orgasm hit her, and she convulsed with a look of fear as if she was going to die from suffocation.

“That’s enough, Davinia, I think you need to stop now.” The girl released the air until the gag was properly deflated and shuffled back a little, and Serena pulled back as well.

Patricia started to sob.

“It seems that she has had enough, girls. If you wish to make your way upstairs to the large bedroom, I’ll put a pizza in the oven for a late evening meal and then put you two to bed. Time has moved on and seeing as you two have already had a late night, it would be wise for you to get some rest.” The two girls nodded and slowly hopped out of the room after Eva had left for the kitchen, leaving the suffering Patricia behind. They were able to make use of their bound hands in order to get up the stairs, and soon they were at the top, making their way to the bedroom.

A few minutes later, Eva joined them in the bedroom, and removed the strap-on devices from the two young ladies. “I will get you undressed and retied for bed now. I trust that none of you will try to put up any resistance?” Both girls shook their heads at this.

I don’t know how we are going to be able to sleep, as I am feeling quite aroused after this evening’s fun, and I’m sure that Serena feels the same way. Soon, the two girls were stripped of everything but their fishnet stockings, as this would require untying their legs, and their arms were untied and retied behind their backs with their elbows bound together and their wrists tied palm to palm.

“You two still look very cute in your stockings and it’s a pity that I have to sort out certain things, such as getting your clothing ready for tomorrow morning. I take it that you want to end the session dressed as the dominatrix and the schoolgirl?” Eva asked.

Both girls nodded in response. “Good. I think that the pizza will be ready, so I’ll go and get it now.” Eva went downstairs and returned a few minutes later with the pizza and a bottle of water with a straw. “No talking while your gags are off, girls.” The ladies ate their meal and took some sips from the water, and Eva then helped them with a bathroom break.

The two girls were again sitting on the bed and Serena was being gagged with her harness gag when Davinia asked “How are we going to be able to sleep as we’re not really tired and I’m still aroused from playing with Patricia?”

Eva had finished with Serena, picked up Davinia’s gag and placed the ball in her mouth. “Don’t worry Davinia, in a few hours time you will be looking forward to your sleep, you can be sure of that.” The girl’s gag was firmly strapped to her head and the woman said “Serena, make your way onto the left side of the bed and lie in the middle, facing the right. Davinia, lie in the middle and face the left.” The two girls did as they were instructed and their bodies touched as they lay on the bed.

Eva picked up five pieces of rope and tied the girls together at the ankles, knees, thighs, waist and elbows. So, my friend and I are tied together on the bed, but how is this supposed to help us sleep? Davinia and Serena protested and pleaded through their gags as Eva picked up a Hitachi Wand and threaded it between the legs of the two girls with the head pressing against their mounds.

The woman then plugged the wand into a small white box with a button on top, which was connected to the wall socket. “This will keep you entertained for a few hours before the timer reaches zero, by which time both of you will be ready for a good night’s sleep.” The woman pressed the button which activated the wand and the two girls were already moaning and grinding their hips against each other before Eva had even left the room.

“Goodnight girls.” The bedroom light was switched off and Eva closed the door behind her as she exited, leaving the girls to their delightful torment.

The two captives struggled against the ropes that held them as the tide of lust rose in their bodies. Serena was the first to scream as the joy overtook her and Davinia could feel the convulsions against her own body. Oh yes. OH YES! A moment later, she followed her friend in the bliss of orgasm, and this continued for two hours, with a cycle of struggling, moaning and ecstasy.

When the two hours were up, both ladies were very tired, very happy and they slipped into a deep sleep.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Order An Intruder Part 36

Davinia’s struggles were weakening and her vision was becoming blurry when Patricia pressed the bulb release, letting the gag shrink a little which allowed the captive to breathe again. Her mouth was still mostly filled, however, so the helpless girl had to work for each breath of air. Even this is a torture, as I have to use all of my strength just to expand my lungs.

After another few minutes, the release was pressed again and Davinia was thankful as she was able to inhale easily again, settling back down in her ropes and taking in as much air as she could. I don’t know how long I’m going to remain like this for, as Mistress Heaton can inflate the gag at any time. She took as many deep breaths as possible, knowing that her captor could seal her mouth at any moment.

Oh no! Please, no! Davinia’s eyes opened in shock as the gag inflated in her mouth, and she saw Patricia pressing down on the bulb again. I beg you, please stop this! She whined and begged through her gag at the cruel woman, but within a few seconds her mouth was sealed and the fear of suffocation grew inside her. The captive experienced the heaving of her chest after only a few seconds and soon she was wildly trying to escape her ropes, even though this just used up more oxygen.

“This is such fun, watching a helpless young woman fight for her life, knowing that if I just leave this alone you will suffer even more.” The woman said to her captive. “I’ve never let anyone fall unconscious before, but maybe I should this time.”

The girl’s eyes filled with fear at this comment and she tried to beg through using her face. OMG! Please, you sound as if you’re going to torment me half to death with this gag. Again her struggles diminished as her body was starved of oxygen by the actions of her mistress, who just stood there and smiled at her suffering.

As her body weakened even further, Patricia pressed the release and Davinia was able to inhale again. How much longer are you planning to do this to me, Mistress? Is this to be my torture for the rest of the night? I can’t see how anything can be worse than being threatened with asphyxiation. A few minutes later, the gag was pumped up to a point where she could barely breathed and her lungs ached from the effort of inhaling and exhaling air. the worst thing about this is that I can only go on for so long, and then I’ll be too weak to breathe.

This went on for about twenty minutes, with Patricia changing the size of the gag in her captive’s mouth every few minutes. Sometimes it would be easy to breathe, sometimes hard, and sometimes so hard that breathing itself was a torment. It was the times when the gag filled her mouth that scared Davinia the most as she never knew if her captor would force her into unconsciousness just for the pleasure of doing so, or allow her to breathe again.

The girl had to endure more suffering as the plug inside her mouth was pumped up to nearly maximum and she fought hard for each scrap of air, when there was a loud thud from upstairs which was followed by a screaming sound, as if someone was in great pain.

“OMG! They must have rolled off the bed and hurt themselves. I’ll have to check on them.”

Patricia ran out of the room and closed the door behind her, leaving Davinia in a state of terror as her lungs were getting weaker by the moment! Please come back, I won’t be able to breathe and I’ll suffocate to death! Don’t leave me!

A few seconds later, there was a voice from upstairs. “What the-! Hey-.” The noise was cut off at the same time as Davinia’s lungs failed, and panic took over as she knew that she was alone and that the air in her lungs would run out in a few minutes. Again she struggled, but just as before it proved to be useless and the end would be brought that much nearer.

Soon, her struggles virtually disappeared and everything started to go black, telling the poor girl that the end was near, and she didn’t even notice the opening of the living room door.

“Oh my God! Davinia!” A voice screamed, and the plug was removed from the captive’s nose a moment later, allowing the poor girl to breathe freely. The plug shrank in her mouth, the straps were unbuckled, and the gag was pulled from her face after a few more seconds, with the girl expanding her lungs as wide as she could for more fresh air.

“I told her that she should never use this, and especially not to leave it on a person while they are alone! She is going to suffer for this!” The woman said, and the captive opened her eyes as she recognised the voice.

It’s Eva! OMG, it’s Eva Green, and she’s still dressed up as a Playboy bunny! How did you get down here? If you’re here, where is Mistress Heaton? The next thing that Davinia noticed was the untying of the strappado rope from her wrists which was followed a few moments later by the one around her waist, allowing her to stand upright at last. What is going on, I have to know! As the helpless girl opened her mouth to speak though, it was covered by Eva’s right hand.

“Just say nothing for the moment Davinia, you need to rest after your ordeal and I’m going to help you sit down.” The girl closed her mouth and Eva helped steady her as she made little bunny hops to the couch. After a minute, the woman helped to turn her around and she sat down, grateful for the chance to rest properly after hours of torment.

After making sure that the helpless girl was comfortable, Eva sat down on her right and started to talk. “Just in case you are wondering about was has happened to Patricia, she is having a nice ‘rest’ upstairs and I have ensured that even if she wakes up, she will be no trouble to anyone.”

Davinia felt relieved that her tormentor was out of the way for the moment, but she wanted to know what went on while she was struggling for her life.

“What happened Eva? All I heard was an exclamation, followed by a shout and then I was fighting for my life against my gag.”

Eva took a deep breath before starting. “When Pat took me upstairs along with Serena, she forced us onto the large bed facing each other with myself lying on my right side. Then she took two lengths of rope, tied one around our waist and the other around the tops of our legs before threading the wand between us and switching it on. It was then that she wished us good luck before leaving us alone to suffer.”

“This time however, we had very good luck as Patricia had been in too much of a hurry to torture you with the gag, and she hadn’t made the ropes tight enough. After a few minutes of struggling, I managed to turn my back to Serena and then she managed to do the same. It wasn’t long before she managed to untie the knot at my wrists and I then removed the two ropes that bound us together. After your friend freed my elbows, I was able to rid myself of the remainder of the bonds and I whispered in Serena’s ears to scream as if she was in pain when I drop something heavy.”

“I soaked a cloth with a special chemical that we use, which is somewhat more effective than chloroform and placed it in the top of my right stocking, and then picked up a pair of handcuffs. Then, I stood behind the door, picked up one of the boxes that we had left upstairs and dropped it on the floor which was followed by Serena making the necessary screams. Sure enough, Patricia was upstairs and opening the door within a few second to find out what had happened.”

Eva paused for a moment, before continuing. “I pulled her hands behind her back and cuffed her wrists together before she even realised what was happening, and she only managed to say a few words before the cloth was placed over her face. I wasn’t going to take any chances with her, especially after the way that she behaved earlier with her taking me prisoner as I entertained your friend. As she had already shouted the words out which left her lungs empty of air, she was left with no choice but to breathe in and knock herself out. Before she fell asleep though, I pushed her onto the bed, picked up a pair of leg cuffs, wrapped the chain around her handcuffs and locked the ends around her ankles which left her immobile on the bed.”

“It was then that I rushed downstairs and found you nearly unconscious and hanging from your ropes.” Eva gave Davinia a very serious look. “Now Davinia, I want you to give me a full tally of the day’s events and leave nothing out.”

Davinia did as Eva asked, which did take quite some time as she had experienced many acts by her captor throughout the day. “Damn it!” Eva exclaimed after Davinia had finished. “Patricia never knows when to stop and she always takes things that little bit too far. That torment that she did with the three of us is listed as ‘Consent Only’ and this gag is not allowed for the moment after one lady panicked and nearly choked. She has taken advantage of your naivety and it is obvious that she didn’t even give you a safe word.”

“So, what’s going to happen now? Is Patricia going to get into trouble?” Davinia asked.

“I will have to contact my superiors concerning how I should deal with her, but first I will make sure that you two are downstairs when I talk.” The woman walked over to the side and picked up a harness gag with a large ball. “I trust that you have no problems with this gag?”

“None whatsoever.” The captive replied and she opened her mouth wide in preparation for the inevitable gagging. The ball was inserted into her mouth which pressed upon her tongue, the main straps were taken around her face and buckled at the back of her neck, the chin strap was pulled tight and the final piece of leather was taken over her head and fastened with the other straps, leaving the girl securely gagged.

“I am going to hogtie you on the floor now, so please stand up.” Davinia stood up from the couch and made little hops as she moved to the centre of the room. “That should be a good position, so I’ll rest you on the floor and hogtie you.” The woman took hold of the young lady’s ropes and gently lowered her face down on the floor before picking up a length of rope and pressing the girl’s heels against her bottom. There was the feeling of the wrapping of rope around the bonds on her ankles and wrists, and then it was pulled tight before a secure knot was tied, leaving Davinia strictly hogtied on the floor.

“I am going to bring your friend down, but first, are you okay like this?” Eva asked.

Davinia nodded in response.You seem to care a lot more than Patricia did. It’s obvious that she was manipulating me.

“I’ll be back down in a few minutes then.” Eva walked out of the room, with Davinia lying on the floor. It wasn’t long before there were sounds and Serena hopped into the living room, bound in the same way as before, but with a harness ball-gag instead of the panel gag that had covered her lower face. She hopped over to Davinia’s left side, Eva lowered her to the floor and she was also placed in a tight hogtie. “Please just rest for the moment as I will have to make a telephone call, so I may be a while before I can come back downstairs.

The woman then picked up a large bag and placed the riding crop and the inflatable gag inside it before leaving the two girls alone in the living room. I notice that you closed the door behind you as you left Eva, so I suspect that you don’t want us to hear your report. Anyway, I’m sure that Serena and I will have no trouble waiting for you to return. Davinia tried to get as comfortable as she could in her situation and rested...

The captive was startled into full wakefulness by the opening of the living room door and she watched as Eva walked into the room. “My people above me have decided that Patricia should be severely punished and that you two can play a part in it, but you still have to be bound, gagged and under my control. I will bring the prisoner in and then prepare you two so that you can help.”

Eva walked out of the room, and the girls heard the familiar sound of a riding crop striking bare flesh, followed a moment later by a muffled scream and a terrified Patricia Heaton hopped into the room! She was naked, except for her calf length boots, ropes tightly bound her legs and arms, and the inflatable gag along with a nose plug were on her face. Her arms were cruelly tied behind her back at the wrists and elbows and her legs were strictly bound at the ankles, below and above the knees and at the mid thighs.

Her bottom was already red from several blows from the crop and each additional blow, which was echoed by a yelp from the bound woman, forced her to move closer and closer to the frame. When she was finally under the construction, Eva looped a long piece of cord through one of the holes in the horizontal part and tied one end to Patricia’s wrists. The captor pulled steadily on the rope, forcing Patricia to bend over at the waist until her body was parallel to the ground, her hands were high above her back and she could barely stand on tiptoe. The rope was tied off and Eva smiled at the woman who had used her so cruelly about an hour ago.

“I have to prepare you two girls now.” Davinia watched as Eva removed the hogtie rope from Serena’s wrists and ankles before helping her to her feet and guiding her to the couch. Once at the couch, the girl’s ropes that bound her arms to her body were untied, and then the captive was freed from the bonds that held her wrists and elbows together. Eva took hold of Serena’s hands and brought them together in the front of her body with the palms together, picked up a length of rope and then securely bound the girl’s wrists together. Her elbows were then made to touch and a second piece of cord was use to wrap and cinch the top of her forearms together which would limit the captive’s mobility.

“It’s your turn now, Davinia.” Eva walked over to the other captive and the girl felt the removal of the rope that bound her hands to her feet. Then she was also helped up by the woman and soon she was sitting on the couch again, with her arms being freed of the ropes that held her tightly. Like Serena, her hands were placed palms together in front of her and before long her wrists and elbows were also secured.

This gives us plenty of room to move with our arms, but we cannot free ourselves like this. I think that Eva wants us to provide the punishment for Patricia. Eva picked up the bag and walked over to the captive Patricia who was begging through her gag at this time.

“I don’t think that you deserve any mercy after the way you behaved, so I think that this should be put on you now.” The woman reached into the bag, brought out the Hitachi Wand and the captive squirmed in her bonds as she realised that this was going to be used on her. The head of the wand was placed against Patricia’s mound and two lengths of rope were used to tie the device against her legs, holding it in position. An extension cable was taken out of the box, one end had the plug from the wand put into it, and the other end was plugged into a wall socket.

“By the way, this isn’t the only punishment that you will suffer for your crimes Patricia, as I have some quite entertaining ideas worked out for you. I’m not going to turn on the wand, as I think that one of the girls should do it. Heads it’s Davinia, tails Serena.”

Eva picked up a coin, flipped it into the air and everybody watched it as it bounced on the floor...